Storm And Partners
About Us

We are a contemporary design management consultancy with a proven track record of delivering concepts and designs for developers of international integrated resorts.

We are known for producing globally recognized first class projects, which in our experience can only be achieved by collaborating with the client and key partners throughout all phases of the design and construction process.
What We Do

We deliver on-site and off-site design management solutions. Our expertise spans segments such as Luxury homes, Restaurants, Bars, Casinos, High End Retail, Hotels, Conference Facilities, Cinemas, Arenas, Art Museums and complete integrated resorts. Our range of services start at client advisor stage and end at handover of a project to operations or at any time in-between. From master planning concepts right the way through concept and design development to construction project management. 

Integrated Resorts

Venetian, Macau Four Seasons,Macau Marina Bay Sands,Singapore Solaire Manila, Ongoing master planning and concept design work across 3 continents

Design Management Solutions

–       Establish project objectives and define strategy with client
–       Strategic planning and conceptual design
–       Design management (off-site and on-site)
–       Manage and co-ordinate design consultants
–       Value Engineering and ensuring designs are “fit-for-purpose”
–       Oversight and quality control during construction and fit-out phase